Do you have a heart for disengaged people?  Does it bother you to know that there are people living on the streets who have lost all hope in life and God?  When you think of prisoners just sitting in cells and not getting academic, moral, or biblical guidance do you have a desire to help?  We know this world isn’t perfect, but you can help make it better.

World Peace Ministries is looking for dedicated people who would like to give there time to help restore joy into individual’s lives.  There are various ways to get involved in our different facets of ministries.


WPM needs individuals who would like to spend time on the streets loving people.  Rather its taking water to individuals on a hot summer day, a meal on a cool fall evening, delivering gloves and hats in the midst of winter, or just being there to listen to an individual’s story, WPM can use you.  WPM would team you up with other volunteers and staff to go out and be a blessing to those who are less fortunate.
The first step is to get you trained on how to handle situations that may arise while on the streets.  This training would also help you to become familiar with our approach and position, of a nonthreatening compassion felt way of ministry when engaging people.  After training we would help you to identify a target location in which you would like to spend time.  Upon which time we would partner you with other volunteers and staff to be the most effective and successful you can to turn your area of interest streets around for the positive.

You could also volunteer by helping run events such as Food Drives, Easter Egg Hunts, Thanksgiving Baskets, and etc.  It takes a lot of work to make events like these a success and we could use your help.  This help can come from an individual or if you are involved in a group (church, organization, school, community business, etc.) that would like to help out.


Prison ministry as we have learned is not for everyone.  It takes special people to go in behind the walls and see individuals incarcerated.  For those who have that desire to go into the walls it’s great to know that lives can be changed, and they will be with your help.  The process for volunteering for the prison is to first contact WPM.  We will help you in your decision making to see if prison ministry is something that you want to pursue.  If both parties agree to move forward, we will start training for you.  This training teaches you the dos and don’ts of prison ministry. Keep in mind that you are entering the “home” of those who have lost their rites to live on the outside, and the workplace of those trying to keep order of those lost rites on a daily basis.  After this training we will submit your name to the Department of Corrections to have your background check completed so that you will be cleared to volunteer in the correctional setting.

You can also volunteer for our AISHITTEIRU YO! ministry which helps to disciple those who are incarcerated.  Once an individual accepts the Lord into their life and wants to make positive changes WPM immediately wants to get them connected with positive people.  We send you out a name and institution where an individual is located and then you take the initiative to correspond with the inmate by mail.  Many prisoners don’t receive mail from anyone including loved ones, so this is normally well accepted by them.  You would send letters with different Bible verses and questions for them to ponder and answer then send back to you.  You are immediately making an impact in a person’s life with only the cost of a postage stamp. And just perhaps it’s because of you taking the time to care for them and disciple them while they are on the inside that they will get out and stay on the outside for the rest of their life.



The schools are probably our most delicate area of ministry, due to the fact that we are working with mostly minors.  It takes a lot of work to be accepted by schools to assist them as they fear the laws of “separation of church and state” issues. As WPM continues to grow, we are going to need many volunteers who can become the “adult friend and role model” in hurting kid’s lives.  We offer to help schools in whatever way they deem necessary.  As we help the schools in their roles it enables us to perform our roles; which are the roles of tutoring, mentoring, after school Bible Clubs, youth intervention, and mediator of staff to student.

WPM is very cautious and selective of those we allow to volunteer with school students.  If interested you should contact us so that we can set you up for an interview.  Please contact us

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