World Peace Ministries partners with schools to help reduce suspension and drop out rates, promote positive encouragement for students, and to provide resources to help administrators to have incentives to offer their students.

We know that school budgets are constantly being cut leaving limited resources for staff and students.  Because of this, WPM offers its services free of charge to help.  Each school is unique in its own way so not all school programs look the same as we are willing to adopt to the needs and parameters of each individual school we engage.

We are here to help and partner to become an asset to schools and their districts.  Le t us know how we can help you.


How We Help

There are many ways in which we help schools with both their staff and students.  While we recognize that each school has their own needs we have found that the common thread that they all share comes to a lack of participation and tight budgets that don’t allow for additional/extra paid support.

World Peace Ministries goes to school campuses and helps out however needed.  We look to serve the school!  Some schools ask us to help in the cafeteria during lunch time and some ask for us to have a hallway presence during passing periods.  We also have schools who are in need of more help on the mentoring side of things.  So working closely with counselors and deans we get asked to work with individuals and groups.


Types of Things We Do



Anger Management Groups

Hallway Supervision

Deans Assistance

One on Ones


After School Bible Clubs

Breakfast for Straight  A Honor Roll Students



Getting Students to Strive for More

ISTEP Coaching


Bible Club

One of our biggest programs that we provide to schools is an after school Bible Club.  This student led activity allows for students who voluntarily sign up with their parents permission to learn more of the Bible and how to live their life of faith.  Students are challenged to become leaders in the classroom and hallways and are encouraged to take active roles throughout the school.  This is a non denominational study and open to all students.  Religion is not taught but relationship is.  Those relationships are applicable to God, their Parents, Teachers, Adults, and Siblings.

WPM is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  We respect schools in which we are invited to come into and assist.  We don’t walk around “hitting kids over the head with Bibles” as we know how to keep church and state separate.




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