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Rev. Childress was the first chaplain and volunteer coordinator for the Michigan Youth Correctional facility for nearly three years were he noticed volunteers came scarce. With over 450 inmates it was quickly noticed that only a few of the prisoners got visits and only a couple of those were religious leaders. These men needed a healing on the inside that only God could give to them. Childress taught them that God disapproved of their actions, but was willing to forgive them and help them to live an upright lifestyle.

After three years of service to the correctional system Rev. Childress Jr. was challenged “To play offensive instead of defense with peoples lives.”  In other words he was asked to work with people in efforts to prevent them from getting to prison.  Rev. Childress took the challenge and moved to the South-Subs of Chicago Illinois to work with a youth ministry called Young Life (a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization). It was with this organization he began to see the hurt in kid’s eyes and lives. It was noticed that after a kid reached a point that no one wanted to deal with the individual anymore. The kids on the verge of being kicked or dropping out had no adult spiritual guidance to encourage them to persevere, get their act together, honor God, and finish school. The disrespect to parents and teachers from some students was so evident it would pierce religious leaders. It was concluded that these teens needed someone in their lives to help them throughout their adolescent years giving them direction, guidance, and a spiritual outlook on the choices they are making.

Rev. Childress Jr. decided to leave the youth ministry of Young Life and begin to address all ages of people. On March 11, 2004 Rev. Leroy Childress Jr. founded World Peace Ministries, an organization of people committed to reaching out to the people to whom most turn their backs, (drug dealers, drug users, rapists, and murderers, kids who are disrespectful to parents and teachers, and kids on the verge of academic trouble). Childress, having a strong compassion for the people, had a strong desire to “Bring peace into the world one individual at a time.”  His desire was to not only change individuals, but to change families and communities at the same time.


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