by Pastor Leroy Childress

PIC00016We haven’t wanted to be premature, but perhaps it is getting close to the time of praying Jabez’s prayer. It truly seems as if God is enlarging our territory and doing it with His favor.  We never had wanted to grow so big that we were ineffective or sloppy in the process.  However, we are at the point of growth that is great to be a part of. When God decides to share a vision with you it can make you feel pretty special. I often wonder why He chose someone such as myself to share His vision with. I try to answer that question, but I’m not smart enough to come up with it.

I am honored that He has chosen me to lead this organization, but I recognize that it’s all of His doings and connecting.  I simply just wake up in the morning and say, “Ok, so what do you want to do today?”  Then I do my part, which is to be quiet and wait for Him to give me an answer.  Then together He and I go and make a difference in peoples lives. It’s actually a pretty fun job. It makes life a lot easier when you are friends with the Boss!

With all that said, I am grateful for this opportunity and am happy to see God’s ministry moving forward.

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  1. Hi Pastor Childress

    Thanks so much for presenting at the Kid’s Club event this past week! I was inspired by what your ministry is doing. It truly sounds Kingdom oriented! May God richly bless all your efforts. It is amazing how much I felt in common with you and what you are doing, we are up to some very similar things here in Rockford. I have been given great access to our schools here and am very interested in what potential partnerships we may be able to explore together.

  2. admin

    Was happy to be there. If there is anything else I can do just let me know.

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