What We Do


Our main focus is:
Our main focus is to go into prisons, schools, and out into the streets.  While at these places we take the time to develop relationships.  Once we have the relationships established we work with individuals to help them to look at their life and see if there are better ways of living them. 

For example:

Students who are disrespectful we get them to think about how they are on the verge of being kicked out of school if their attitudes and performances don’t improve.  In one school we have a Bible Club that meets on Fridays.  We have around 50 students that stay after school and learn about God, and have fun doing it.  We are also currently trying to establish an after school program to help kids grow educationally and keep them off of the streets and out of trouble.

To prisoners we engage them and try to get them to move past their current outlook on life and get them to see that there is a life ahead once released.  We work with the inmates encouraging them to think it through why are they in prison, how they can get out, and once out how to stay out.  We encourage them with the Bible while at the same time teach them basic skills for life (exp. how to tie a tie, how to shake a hand, looking people in the eye when talking to them, job application skills, and etc.)

Once we reach these individuals we then aim to get them connected into other churches and organizations to help them to grow and be discipled.

Our Second Focus is: 
We also do some events throughout the year.  The events we do are to help the communities in which we do them have a chance to reach out to the individuals.  We take our resources and partnerships and go into community, we talk to the churches and tell them what we are doing and give them a chance to come on board with us.  We do most of the legwork and have the churches to be very visible.  In doing this we get a chance to have hundreds of individuals that are coming to have a need meet and they see that the church is the one that is providing it.  We tell them about the goodness of God and encourage the churches to follow up with them.

What We Have Noticed:

There are many people living among us that are hurting so bad mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually that some feel as if they would be better off dead. In today’s era people often get labeled as “weak” if they reach out for help. In attempts to protect images amongst peer’s, people often try to mask hurts by not reaching or seeking the desired help that could enable them to a life with more peace. Some individuals are so isolated or downtrodden they don’t know where to even start a process to a happier, more productive life and lifestyle. While others have lived a lifestyle for so long they no longer see and recognize the negative impact their way of life has on themselves, the people that love them, and possibly the community.

WPM recognizes this dilemma people are in so we take it upon ourselves to reach out to them instead of waiting for them to come to us. WPM reaches out to people in three different settings. Those areas are:

1. People who find themselves in the Streets. These are people conducting illegal activity such as drugs, prostitution, gang involvement and etc. WPM reaches those whose homes are the streets with no place to lay their head and no food before them.

2. Those who have committed crimes such as murder, rape, drug sells, theft, and etc. who now find themselves serving a period of their life in Prison.

3. To students who are on the verge of dropping our or being kicked out their School institutions. WPM also encourages positive kids to continue their strides of honor achievements and futuristic planning.

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