CIMG0448Having Bible Club at McKinley is important to me.   Some children come to learn more about the Bible, like me.  At first, I came because it had a drama section, but I got a lot more than I bargained for.  I gained a lot of knowledge about God and Jesus Christ.

I also learned stuff about myself, like how sometimes I can be selfish.  It teaches the “cool kids: that there is more to life than just drama and good looks.  I say ths because I am one of those “cool Kids” that learned that. 

World Peace Ministries and Bible Club provide for the youth in many ways.  Whether it’s teaching them about the Bibe or mentoring them, World Peace Ministries is a great place.  Not only does World Peace Ministres and Bible Club teach youth about Go, they allow us to hae fun and be ourselves.  i would like to thank World Peace Ministries and Bible Club for the knowledge I’ve gained about myself, the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ.



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