CIMG0528On Thanksgiving Day, World Peace Ministries is sought to help out those in our community by providing a place of warmth and a hot meal to hurting individuals and families. 

We cooked the traditional Thanksgiving meal, invited all those in need to come out, and then served them.  Yes, those who came were able to sit down while we came to their tables with food and drinks just like they were in a restaurant.  We wanted to provide an atmosphere that was soothing and elegant for our guest.

After eating we provided a few services to the people.  For example, we wanted parents to be able to take a bag of food and clothes home for their children and themselves.  We also gave free haircuts to those in need.  Table floaters were prayer warriors that ministered to families’ needs and individual’s salvation.  Our last goal was to send people away with socks, gloves, hats, and blankets.    

Thank you to all of our volunteers and community partners who helped make this event a success for the Chicago Height’s Community.

Please view our Image Gallery for more pictures from this event.

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