mikeI spent some time with Michael this week and we reflected on what it is like to be a Christian in a public high school. Michael started off by sharing a story of what he called to be the toughest year of his life. “Last year three days into the school year my mom died due to cancer, in the middle of the year my uncle died, and one of my friends committed suicide.” Michael talked about the comfort that people tried to give to him. He mentioned that it was more saddening than helpful. “They didn’t get it. Everyone was telling me that I would be ok, but no fore every game.” Michael finished up by saying, “I love going to my public school. There is always someone who needs to be saved. Believe me no one seems cool enough to bring their bible to school. The students are so busy having sex, doing drugs, drinking and using God’s name in vain it can be hard to make a difference, but I love God and wont quit!” Please pray for Michael.

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