jubileeThis summer WPM teamed with the Lansing Ministerial Association, Best Buy, and other various community business in efforts to help those in these trying times. We had over 200 people walk away with tangible items that day. We gave kids school supplies and backpacks,
while parents of babies walked away with diapers and formula. To those who were hungry we gave boxes of food away. We also had cooked food for every person that came to the event; and thanks to McDonalds everyone who ate had something to drink to go with it.
We decided that if we were giving food away, then some people may need microwaves
and stoves to cook them in so we gave some away. Then we recognized if there were leftovers, people may need a new refrigerator to keep it in so we gave some of those away as well. That day we also gave away TV’s, entertainment centers, couches, cleaning supplies, air conditioners, curio-cabinets, and much more. We even gave away live flower hanging baskets.
The people who received were so grateful! Why, we even had one lady win who was so happy that when we asked her to write down her name and contact information her eyes swelled up with tears of joy and she said “Can you write it down, I’m so happy I can’t stop shaking.” She went on to thank God for all that He had done for her. This was the attitude of the majority of the crowd that day. All were grateful for what the Lord had done for them.

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