Education is something that we believe in. It is so important to support kids who have the drive to become all that they can. Some kids do their best in education. They may not be the kids who score 23 points in the big game or run for the winning touchdown. They may not be the kids with a lot of funny jokes or the most amount of friends. However, they need our support! Perhaps in education the expression is most accurate, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.” Countless times students who misbehave get the most attention in schools. They get one on one time with the principal, pep talks on how they can do great things if they try, and many of the people in the hallways know their names. Yet for the students who do what they are supposed to do, often get overlooked. The ones who try real hard…no they try their best to While the knuckle head gets another pep talk on you are so smart and you can do this and more. I’m so proud of you for only have 2 D’s and no F’s this time. Well we believe that it’s time to give the quiet wheel some oil! We received word that McKinley Junior High School had 22 students who not only where on the honor roll, but they had straight A’s with a GPA over a 3.9. Now that is something to celebrate! We are proud of these students and their accomplishments. Do to their efforts and dedication to the classroom we are taking each one of these students out to breakfast at a nice restaurant. We have also asked if the Mayor would come and be a surprised guest with them. Truly these kids deserve notice.

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